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Zion National Park Visitors — Please Read

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, visiting Zion National Park comes with a few distinct challenges. The following questions and answers will hopefully help you in making necessary preparations. These preparations are critical to ensuring a relaxing and stress-free adventure.

Q:What’s the current status of Zion National Park?
A:Zion National Park is open. Personal cars may enter the Park but are not allowed into Zion’s main canyon. Zion’s main canyon is the primary destination for most visitors.
Q:How can I access the main canyon?
A:You have four primary options. Ride Zion’s shuttle system (tickets required, no exceptions), hire a personal shuttle, ride a bike (personal or rented from us), or walk.
Q:How do I purchase a Zion shuttle system ticket?
A:Tickets are available with a free account at Tickets cost $1 and are limited to 8 tickets per group. Tickets are available one of two ways: you can order tickets mid-month prior to your visit (i.e. July 16 for the month of August) or one day in advance at 9am MDT. For complete shuttle system details, please visit Zion’s NPS website.
Q:How difficult is biking or walking into the Park?
A:From the main entrance to the common drop off points inside the Park, you would travel anywhere from 5-8 miles (8-13 kilometers). There is a gradual elevation gain of approximately 700 ft into the main canyon. This is not particularly difficult for a bike rider especially with a pedal-assist bike. Walking, except for the exceptionally fit, is not encouraged especially in the heat of summer.
Q:How does a private shuttle work?
A:Zion Cycles maintains a commercial use permit and is allowed to privately shuttle visitors to the destination (and pickup) of their choice inside the Park. We currently are running two morning departure times (7:00 & 8:30 am) and two pickup times (2:30 & 4:00 pm). These are very popular and we quickly book out in advance. Please review the full details before requesting a private shuttle.
Q:How does biking into the Park work?
A:Visitors with personal or rented bikes can enter the Park at the pedestrian entrance and then ride up canyon along the paved Pa’rus Trail and the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. Please note that you MUST stop to the side of the road and allow Park shuttles to pass. Once inside the Park, most trail heads have designated areas to park and lock your bike(s). We encourage you to lock your bikes together as a unit which minimizes the number of locks you need to bring. All Zion Cycles bike rentals include a lock as needed.
Q:What type of main canyon rental bikes do you offer?
A:While we have many styles and options to choose from, the best bikes for accessing the Park are our Canyon Bikes, available in both manual and pedal-assist options. Mountain bikes (both manual and pedal-assist) are great second options. Please note that for pedal assist bikes, a minimum height and age (5 feet tall and 13 years old) are required. We do not offer pedal-assist bikes for smaller children.
Q:I heard parking can be a challenge? Do you offer parking?
A:Visitor parking inside the Park fills up very quickly, often before 8 am. There is paid parking throughout the gateway town of Springdale with Park shuttles available to take you to the Park entrance. Zion Cycles offers a limited number of town parking options to customers. These parking options are only available in-store.
Q:Do you offer showers?
A:Yes! This is a new offering for us. Our private shower stalls can be rented for $10.00 and includes a 7-min shower. Showers are sanitized for your safety in between each shower rental. Towels and toiletries are available for an additional cost.

Biking Zion — Frequently Asked Questions

Key questions (some to make you laugh) often asked by our beloved customers.

Q:Can I ride my bike in Zion National Park?
A:Yes. Your best option is the Pa’rus Trail (~1.4 mile paved trail) which connects you onto the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. You can then ride ~7.0 miles all the way up Zion Canyon to the Temple of Sinawava. In our opinion it’s the best way to experience Zion Canyon and avoid the long wait lines for the canyon shuttles. Take a picnic, park your bike and hike a trail, or transport your gear for an epic Zion Narrows adventure.
Q:What types of bikes do you rent?
A:We rent all kinds of bikes, exclusively, from Trek (they don’t suck). Our hybrid canyon bikes (now including electric eBikes) are ideal for touring Zion Canyon. For mountain biking outside the park, we have a variety of front and full suspension bikes in both 27.5 and 29 sizes. We’ve got road bikes, kids bikes, eBikes, even a tandem bike. We even have a pogo stick. See our pricing and options. Oh, just to be clear, the pogo stick isn’t for rent.
Q:Can I ride my bike from Zion Cycles into the Park?
A:Yes. We’re just a mile from the park entrance. We’ll direct you from the shop (it’s easy).
Q:Can I park my car at Zion Cycles to go into the Park?
A:No, you must find parking in the Park or the town of Springdale, ideally within walking distance to Zion Cycles which is just a mile outside the park in the heart of Springdale.
Q:Can I take my bike on the canyon shuttle?
A:Yes. Each shuttle can transport up to three bikes. You must have purchased a shuttle ticket to take advantage of this option.
Q:Do you have bikes that will fit my kiddos?
A:Yes, for solo riders we have a range of manual sizes and options. Please note that pedal-assist bikes are limited to children 13 years or older with a minimum height of 5 feet. Little tykes can be set up on trail-a-bikes. And infants can comfortably cruise in one of our bike trailers (fits up to two kiddos).
Q:Is the mountain biking good around Zion?
A:Hell yeah! Just not in the park. But, locally, within a short 15-45 minute drive you can access some of the best mountain biking in Utah. There are trails for every ability. And we know all of them. We’ll happily offer suggestions or, if you want the ultimate introduction to riding the area, a guided trip is an ideal option.
Q:Do you repair bikes?
A:Yes. We’re a full service shop, the only one in the Canyon. Simple repairs (flats, broken chains, etc…) can usually be done same day. More complex repairs (you sacrificed your rear derailleur to a canyon) can take 24-48 hours. Bring your bike in and we’ll give you an estimate. Or call ahead: 435.772.0400.
Q:Can I ride my bike into or up to the Narrows?
A:Hahahaha. That would be epic. But, no. Bikes must stop and be parked at the final shuttle stop at the Temple of Sinawava.
Q:What’s an eBike?
A:eBikes are peddle-assist bikes. You peddle and a little motor on the bike adds extra power, up to 20 mph! Our eBikes are full suspension mountain and Zion Canyon bikes with all the bells and whistles. They’re great for touring the main canyon of Zion National Park or for taking an epic long ride exploring the backroads and motorized trails throughout the greater Zion area.
Q:What do your bike rentals include?
A:Our bike rentals include a quality TREK bike sized just for you. Plus a helmet, lock, and tube repair kit. For the mountain bikes, you can choose between flat and clipless pedals. If you have your own equipment you’d like to use, we’ll put it on for you.
Q:Do you offer Guided Trips?
A:Absolutely! They’re our favorite offering because we love to ride and guide you on an amazing experience. We provide both 1/2 day and full day trips for all ability levels. We’ll even make you a custom lunch. Our guides are expert riders and tailor rides to the group’s ability and interests. See our options and pricing. And while we’re a bike shop, we can also hook you up with canyoneering offerings.
Q:Do you offer showers?
A:Yes! This is a new offering for us. Our private shower stalls can be rented for $10.00 and includes a 7-min shower. Showers are sanitized for your safety in between each shower rental. Towels and toiletries are available for an additional cost.
Q:Do you sell bikes?
A:Yes, love your rental and want to take it home with you, we can talk. We can order bikes for you too.
Q:Will you inflate my tires?
A:Of course! Gratuities for our daily afternoon Yerba Mate are appreciated.
Q:Do you sell bike gear?
A:Is Zion Canyon beautiful? From tubes to tires to t-shirts, we’ve got just about everything you could need for a comfortable ride.
Q:Does Chamois Butt’r taste good?
A:This begs the question, do you know what Chamois Butt’r is.
Q:Do you rent bike racks?
A:Yes, we offer both hitch and trunk racks for up to 4 bikes. We can outfit most rentals including SUVs.
Q:Is road biking good around Zion?
A:Road options are a bit limited but the roads are good. Biking Zion Canyon and up to the Zion Tunnel makes for a nice ~25 mile ride. Hill climbers can enjoy a nice challenge (up to ~25 miles one way, 4,000 vertical feet) on the Kolob Terrace Road. Combine routes and you can reach a century pretty easily. Seeking a broader multi-day adventure? Check out our friends at Trek Travels. We wouldn’t recommend them if they weren’t awesome.
Q:What if I want to so something other than biking?
A:We understand. And we’ve got some killer options. Our fully integrated guide shop, Zion Guide Hub, offers day trips in canyoneering, rock climbing, hiking, paddle boarding, fly fishing and we can even guide you up the Zion Canyon Narrows.