Zion Cycles: The infamous sticker wall.

About Zion Cycles

Fred Pagles started Zion Cycles in 2003 operating out of a shipping container. A year later the retail location opened in the Zion Outdoor Center where it still is today. After 13 years, Fred sold the business to locals Scott Williams and Heidi Gledhill who also own Deep Creek Coffee and Zion Guide Hub. Scott and Heidi are committed to managing Zion Cycles with the same passion and excellence Fred devoted to the business for so many years.

Zion Cycles: Where it all started

Where it all began.  In a shipping container!

Zion Cycles: The current retail location.

The retail store opens in 2004.

Zion Cycles: Inside the shop.

The interior of the shop.

Zion Cycles: The door is always open.

Come on in, the door’s always open.

Zion Cycles: Along the Jem Trail.

Adventuring along the Jem Trail.

Zion Cycles: Our selection is unmatched.

Our selection is unmatched.

Zion Cycles: Locals represent!

The locals represent!

Zion Cycles: Who wants more Cowbell?

Who wants more Cowbell?

Zion Cycles: Churning some Guacamole.

Churning some Guacamole.

Zion Cycles: Gooseberry is a religion.

Gooseberry is a religion.

Zion Cycles: The views out here aren't too bad.

The views out here aren’t too bad.

Zion Cycles: Magic in the Canyon

Yeah, we’re pretty lucky to live here.